Top HMR Selections for Father’s Day Gifts

Did you know that Father’s Day started in 1909? Sonora Smart Dodd wanted a holiday for fathers equivalent to Mother’s Day. She was inspired by her father, William Jackson Smart, a Civil War vet who raised her and her 5 siblings singlehandedly. The Americans weren’t keen on celebrating fathers as sentimentality at that time was reserved for women. During the Great Depression, businesses promoted Father’s Day as a “second Christmas for men.”

Throughout history, fathers have been our (mostly) quiet tower of strength. Today, dads have evolved and are very much involved in the family and the upbringing of children. They can be a friend, a teacher, a role model, and a supportive spouse. Despite this transformation, fathers continue the traditional role of breadwinner and protector of the family.

These days, Father’s Day is observed by honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. How are YOU celebrating your dad? Here is a list of possible gifts that’s one sure way of honoring your father depending on the type of dad he is. It’s also for the dads in your life: husband, brother, stepdad, grandfather, and father-in-law.

For the Handyman Dad

Add to his collection of tools if your dad is a tinkerer, a DIY-er, or a fixer. You won’t go wrong with these selections. When it comes to tools, there’s never enough for Pop. There’s always something, whether your dad is a beginner or an expert and serious handyman.

1. Tools and Materials for Home Improvement

It’s instinctive for fathers to fix what’s broken. The house is his castle and he’ll make sure that everything is always in good shape (to make Mom happy, too). Get Dad something that will complete his home improvement projects. A drill is a must-have for a handyman dad. Drills come in a wide range of styles and can be used in a number of ways — from screwing craft projects together to full-blown construction; some models even have a hammer function. You have a choice of getting Dad one with a cord or one that’s cordless. If Dad already has a drill, get him accessories like drill bits or a toolbox.

Plumbing products are also awesome choices. They range from faucets, sinks, pipes, plumber tools, water filtration to heater systems – practically anything that would make your home leak-free and clean

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2. Lighting and Fixtures

Brighten up Daddy’s day! Though Mommy is the ‘light of the home,’ it’s Daddy who makes sure that the house is well-lit and no member of his family will ruin his or her eyes from the lack of light. Make his lighting projects glow by getting him some fixtures.

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3. Industrial Tools

If Dad is a major DIY-er, then the best way to his DIY heart is through some serious tools. There’s a wide variety ranging from sanders, welding machines, grinders to pressure washers. You can help him get his workshop organized by getting him a toolbox or a tool cabinet. To keep him safe, safety hats, goggles, or shoes are the perfect choices. With any of these, Dad can build and repair to his heart’s content.

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For the Outdoors Dad

Giving fathers time to be with nature may be one of the best gifts, especially during this time when most of us are stuck indoors. The next best thing would be something he can use whenever he is outdoors biking, running, hiking, or camping.

1. Multifunction Knife

A portable and versatile tool that Papa would love to have. It doesn’t matter if he’s a camper, a biker, a runner, or even just plain indoors-y Papa; he would appreciate having such a tool handy and ready to fix anything. These multi-pocket knives can literally be in his pocket all day long, just waiting for the next fixer-upper.

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2. Coolers

This will keep Daddy’s food and drinks cool all day long when he’s outdoors. It’s also a handy companion when he takes the whole family camping and it is convenient storage on a trip to the market or grocery.

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You can complement Daddy’s cooler with some glass beer mugs – perfect when he’s spending some time with friends or when he simply wants to unwind, whether he’s outdoors or at home. If beer is Daddy’s drink of choice, glass mugs are the way to go. The mug’s handle lets the beer stay cold by keeping the warmth of the hand away and the glass used for beer mugs are thicker than regular glasses making for safer celebratory toasts.

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3. Wireless Chargers

Spending time outdoors means Dad is far from electrical outlets, but he has a smartwatch and/or a smartphone. A wireless charger is a wise gift choice. Dad doesn’t have to worry about not being able to get in touch with the family or his smartwatch dying in the middle of his bike ride.

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For the Sporty or Hobbyist Dad

Gift-giving is a little bit easier if your dad has a favorite sport or a hobby. Sports and hobbies usually have accessories, materials, or components that need replenishment, and aids that can train him to be a better at his sport or hobby. For instance, if Daddy is a golfer, then a foldable hitting net may be a thoughtful gift. He’ll have a better swing the next time he plays golf. For an avid diver daddy, a waterproof camera is a great choice. He gets to keep memories of his diving adventures. If he’s a painter, easels, paints or brushes need to be restocked. You can help him out by getting some or all of these.

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We’ve always run to our fathers for something we need or want. This is the perfect time to turn it around. Show how much you love your dad with a token of appreciation not just on Father’s Day, but every day you have him.

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