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  • 3D Printer 220V W/O MEMORY X-MAX QIDI TECH

    > Large-format: 300 x 250 x 300 mm
    > Advanced technology
    > Smart features
    > Support specialty filaments

  • Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum V10 DYSON

    > As-Is Slightly Used
    > High suction power of the machine – the most powerful suction of any cordless vacuum cleaner.
    > Deep cleans carpets – absorbs pet hair – powerful suction and direct head cleaner spreads deep into the carpet removing dirt from the floor.
    > Up to 60 minutes of feeding without fading – three feeding modes to choose from, to suit any task on any type of floor
    > Reaches Under Base Furniture: Low-profile cleaner head and slim design make it easy to clean unsightly crawl spaces.
    > The machine’s complete filtration captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns – capturing dust and allergens to expel the cleaner from the air you breathe.

  • Paper Shredder Micro Cut SD9101 110V 8-SHEET / WOLVERINE

    > Super micro cut high security level P-5 paper shredder to secure confidential information. Shreds up to 8 sheets of paper, staples, paper clips, and credit cards into small 1 “x 4” particles
    > 10 minute continuous work time cutting up to 500 sheets per duty cycle.
    > The super alloy steel cutter cuts through paper, staples, credit cards and junk mail by hand.
    > Low noise level: 54 dB of ultra-quiet performance; 4.5 gallon removable trash can with clear window for easy viewing.
    > Double thermal protector to maintain sustainable use and extend the life of the crusher. The grounding plug can protect people from electric shock.

  • Drawer Type Spin Mop SBZ-021 SCRUBZ

    > A walkable spin mop with 360 degrees rotates, makes cleaning easier.
    > The newest powerful washing system design can save up to 98% energy.
    > Water outfall design & soap bottle design makes cleaning more convenient.
    > Microfiber twist mop catches dust, hair, and dirt tightly and absorbs water more quickly and thoroughly.
    > Suitable for cleaning various surfaces, like wooden floors, tile, and marble. It is neat and compact so it’s easy to store.
    > Scrubbing pad on mop head helps remove stubborn stains on floors.
    catches dust, hair, and dirt tightly.
    > Make floor cleaning easy and simple.
    > Great for cleaning all types of floors, such as wooden floors, tiles, and marbles.
    > Convenient for us.
    > Hang-up feature for convenient storage.
    > Dimension: 28cm x 27cm x 29cm

  • Top Bright Double Sided Easel Board With Paper Roll

    * 3 in 1 double sided is perfect as it is a chalkboard on one side, and a whiteboard on the other side. It also has an additional craft paper to let you give space to your child’s imagination. Height can also be adjusted easily as your children grow.
    black eraser
    * scroll
    * white board pen
    * pair of chalk
    * two magnet stickers

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