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  • Dmasun Stationary Exercise Bike

    “• BEST SPINNING BIKE: Compared with other bicycles, it has bigger flywheel weight and higher quality heavy steel, which means it will be more stable and safe. And every sport bicycle has 138 tests before it leaves the factory. High quality requirements run through the whole production line.
    • PERFECT DESIGN: Well-known design team, innovative design from the perspective of fashion home, sports aesthetics, human engineering, This cycling bike has a fashionable appearance, multiple handles, comfortable touch. Not only a fitness product, but also a modern home aesthetic art.
    • LCD DISPLAY & HAND PULSE: The Digital Monitor will real-timely track and record your exercise time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse, so that you can know your progress and adjust your exercise plan in time. Hand Pulse Handle with pre-assembled exercise monitor.
    • HEALTHY CHOICES: Multi-handlebar, adjustable resistance, make this exercise bicycle meet the needs of beginners to professionals. It lets you burn fat fast, exercise core muscles, and strengthen your heart, which is essential for your health.

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  • Pop Up Sauna Tent

    “• Easy to set up, double-side zipper allows enter and exit without difficulty.
    • The transparent window gives you an open view and can be opened directly to breathe fresh air when you feel uncomfortable.
    • Used with a steam generator, steam reduces tension, fatigue and stress that is an effective way to glow your skin to look young and slim.
    • Convenient to use a personal sauna from one room to another, have a beauty spa at home.

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  • Diaper Pail Refills 7 Layer Bags

    “• Brand: Munchkin
    • 7-Layer Bags
    • Lavender Scent
    • 20Bags in Pack
    • Holds up to 600 Diapers
    • Snap
    • Seal
    • Toss
    • Fits all Munchkin Diaper Pails

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  • Foot Rocker/Calf Stretcher Vive with Ball

    “• Angled Foot Plate- for effective stretching and foot alignment.
    • Universal Size- One Size Fits all. Designed for left and right foot.
    • Anti-Slip Bottom- Non-slip rubber strips for stability.
    • Heel Lock- Raised back to lock heel in place while stretching.
    • Rocker Design- Maximizes motion to ensure an even stretch.

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  • Velvet Care Ethyl Alcohol 1Gal 70%

    “• 70% Solution
    • Antibacterial/Antiseptic/Sanitizing: Guaranteed High Quality
    • Proven Kills 99.9% of Viruses and Bacteria
    • 1 Gal / 3.2 Liters

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  • Hard Athlete Abs Roller Wheel

    “• DESIGN MADE TO LAST: The abs roller is designed for tough core workout. It has ultra-wide wheelbase and steel handles covered in an anti-slip EVA rubber for more security. The wide wheel design is stable and safe, while the steel core ensures more durability and sturdiness. The abdominal wheel can hold up to 440 lbs.
    • ✅ BOOST YOUR WORKOUTS: Ab wheel roller for core workout is a practical and tough piece of gear that pushes your body into a moving plank capable of strengthening your core and working out your abs, deltoids, chest, biceps, and triceps while increasing your resistance.

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  • TheraHow Dual Foot Massager

    “• ✔ NEW: Revamped large model with additional acupressure rollers & enhanced arched design
    • ✔ STIMULATE: Acupressure therapy for better foot health & blood circulation
    • ✔ RELIEF: Plantar fasciitis, foot pain, arch & heel pain, neuropathy & other foot ailments
    • ✔BONUS: Free laminated foot chart & detailed instructions included within package

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  • Smartphone Sanitizer Charger

    “• 2-in-1 cleaning and charging for your smartphone
    • UV-C light for maximum germ-killing efficiency
    • Charge while you clean
    • 99.9% effective at killing germs
    • No unsafe or hazardous cleaning materials
    • Just 10 minutes for a full clean
    • Acoustic outlets for alarms and notifications
    • Universal smartphone compatibility
    • Whatever fits inside will be sanitized

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    Smartphone Sanitizer Charger

  • Water Pulse Nasal Rinse With Salt Set Nasal 300

    • Make your breath better: This sinus rinse bottle does a good job for cleaning your nose. Helps you breathe much better.
    • Safe and harmless materials & design: This nose washer is made of safe plastic which is no harm for your body. Humanization design, use the soothing water stream to wash your nostrils gently, to relieve the discomfort of the nose.
    • Non-leakage: Each parts of the neti pot is designed to avoid leaks, a Sealing Ring inside the lid to make sure the lid no leaking when use. No need to worry about water shooting out of your nose.
    • Easy to use: Simply turn the Sinus Rinse upside down and press the button on the bottle. You do not need to squeeze the nose cleaner. The gravity will make the salt water flows out. The sinus rinse bottle squirts water into one nostril and drains out the other side.

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  • Puzzel Mat/Exercise Mat 6pcs 24x24inc

    “• DURABLE & NON SLIP: Non-skid textured and shock- absorbing surface provides a soft feeling when exercise on, best for comfortable workout area – a combination of high density EVA foam mat & exercise mat for excellent support and cushion Easy 5 MINUTE ASSEMBLY: Lightweight puzzle pieces can be connected and disassembled easily in less than 5 minutes. Great for home gym, fitness gym, garages coverage or children’s play areas Versatile MAT: The water-resistant and noise-reducing design is easy to clean and ideal for gym mat, equipment mat, exercise mat, workout mat

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  • Wobble Balance Board Round 16inches Diameter

    “• 41.5 cm (16.34 inch) Big Size with 24.5°Section Angle / 360° Rotation- Bigger size than most wobble boards and rocker boards in the market. The professional designed 24.5°section angle keeps the board an unbalanced status, which can make more fun from doing exercise with it. Let’s start challenge it!
    • Direct Contact With The Skin Material Used: Strong, Stable PP Base and Anti-slip TPE Bottom
    • Made of high-quality environmentally friendly PP&TPE material, which is completely non-toxic. Both PP and TPE can be used for Baby’s toys, which is suitable for all ages, especially children.
    • Healthier and Safer / Heavy Duty Support Up to 660 lbs. – Easy to Clean Not just anti-slip top surface – Massage Surface, can enjoy massages while doing exercise. This heavy-duty wobble balance board can hold kids and adults up to 660 lbs. (300kg).Dirty can be easily washed off comparing to the surface of the wooden balance boards frosted finished.
    • Multi-usage Wobble Board, Portable Dual Handle Design-360 Degree Rotation, Great to do infinite exercises like basic stance ,staggered stance, tilts and squats, leg lifts, planks and push ups. Dual Handle Design makes the board more suitable for push-up with balance board for Upper Body training.

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  • Lumbar Support Memory Foam Pillow 12x13inches

    “• TOP QUALITY LIGHTWEIGHT BREATHABLE BACK SUPPORT PILLOW AVAILABLE ANYWHERE for soothing lower back pain relief. Our often imitated but never duplicated lumbar support cushion is the premiere back pillow to reduce sitting pain, improve sitting posture, and increase sitting comfort.
    • DESIGNED WITH A BOARD CERTIFIED PHYSICAL THERAPIST – We may have to sit, but it shouldn’t hurt to do so. By understanding the science of sitting we have created a perfectly contoured memory foam back support that works with your body to make it super comfy to promote healthy ergonomic sitting habits
    • MADE FOR A LIFETIME OF USE – You can sit… and sit… and sit and it will never go flat! Work from Home or the Office, but never lost support!
    • YOU’RE NEW BEST FRIEND – Not just an office chair pillow. Ingenious design enables IMPRESSIVE VERSATILITY… you can take your pain relief back rest everywhere you go… Long Car Ride? No Problem… Stuck in the cubicle all day? Your day will fly by in comfort and your productivity will soar through the roof!

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