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  • Thermal Fogger Fogging Machine

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    • Simple operation, strong power, Auto ignition. Long range, droplet uniform and meticulous, can spray smoke and spray mist!

    • Fuel saving, strong power, longer range, the spraying effect is better.

    • The design of automatic ignition, start more simple

    • The precision throttle control system, more stable performance.

    • The efficient smoke tube (standard parts), smoke amount big, strong penetrating power, diffuse effect is good, efficient drug.

    • The atomizing pipe (optional parts), spraying water mist can produce more delicate and fine droplet.

    • The solution tank, fuel tank use 1 mm thick quality 304 stainless steel plate be make, durable, corrosion resistance;

    • The light alloy protective net, compact structure and beautiful; Compliance with international safety standards;

    • It can spray smoke, and can spray mist, a multi-purpose machine;

    • The enhanced heat combustion chamber, spray efficiency than similar high 10~ 20%,

    • Easy detachable structure, convenient maintenance and repair, no tools can easily repair machines.

    • Technical parameters:

    • Size: 1345*280*330 (mm)

    • Packing size: 1200*320*350 (mm)

    • Fuel consumption: 1.6-2.0 liter /h

    • The spraying dosage: 5-60 liter /h

    • Maximum power: ≥ 19KW

    • Ignition mode: Automatic ignition

    • Safety net: Full protection

    • Spray smoke fog range: 15-30m

    • Water spray mist range: 8-12m

    • The fog particle diameter: The fog particle diameter less than 30 microns

    • Solution tank capacity: 6.0 liter

    • Solution tank pressure: 0.3-0.4bar

    • Fuel tank capacity: 1.8 liter

    • Fuel tank pressure: 0.12 – 0.15bar

    • Start power supply: 3V 2PCS 1# dry battery

    • The use of fuel: 93# above pure gasoline

    • Application carrier: 0 # diesel or white oil

    • Application of pharmacy: Oily, water-based agent or wet table powder

    • Net weight: 7.5Kg

    • Gross weight: 12.5 Kg

    • Thermal Fogger Machine

  • Portable Welding Machine 125A

    • Model: ZX7-200CS
    • Voltage range: 220V
    • Current range 125A
    • Welder size: 30*13*20.5
    • Power factor: 0.93
    • Welding rod type: carbon steel electrode, stainless steel electrode, steel electrode
    • Welding material: stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel
    • Welding rod use: 2.5 electrode
    • Welder weight: 3.0KG

  • Kleener Fogging Machine KFM1500E

    • 220V
    • 1500 watts
    • 2000 ML tank capacity
    • 10 minutes warm up time
    • 6500 cu ft per minute smoke output

  • GardenJoy 21V MAX Power Impact Wrench

    About this item
    • Top Rated 21-Volt Brushless Impact Wrench
    • Most powerful brushless motor: Brushless motors has 300% great power than brush motors, this 21V impact wrench delivers to 260ft-lbs of max torque. Max no load speed is 2200 rpm and 3800 bpm impact rate for driving large fasteners and tough sockets.
    • Most capable 4000Ah batteries: The impact driver is charge up to 4X longer than other drivers and the run time is 48% longer.1 hour fast charging is 15% higher than the same type. Intelligent temperature protection technology can prevent tools and batteries due to overload or overheating.
    • Most high-performance impact driver kit: Industry leading 3-Mode driver. Unique smart chip technology will automatically shuts the tool down when it loose nub to prevent drop. LED lights and handle design provide maximum comfort and work efficiency.
    • Multi-scene applications: Not only suitable for removing tires from cars, motorcycles, pickup truck, utility trailer ,but also can be used for daily household, automotive and boat repairs, Large shelf, heavy equipment maintenance, or product assembly.

  • EGO 10″ Pole Saw Attachment

    • Exclusively compatible with EGO Power+ power head PH1400
    • Includes 1 Oregon 10 in. Bar and chain
    • Narrow-kerf Sprocket nose and double guard bars; automatic lubrication system
    • Water-resistant construction
    • Genuine EGO parts ensure compatibility, quality and performance

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  • Wheel Router Rotary Axis Attachment 2 Phase

    • Rolling engraving, easy to load and unload, saving engraving time and high efficiency
    • Four-wheel swivel attachment is ideal for engraving cylindrical objects with laser engraving machines
    • Zero-Speed Stability
    • High stationarity.no longer lose any steps

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  • Vespa Air Compressor 36L

    • 220 Volts
    • 60 Hz
    • Motor: 1/4 hp
    • No. of Cylinder: 1
    • Phase: 1
    • Pressure: 70 psi
    • Capacity: 36 liters

  • BrassCraft 3/8 in. x 75 ft. Long Cable Drum Machine 110V


    This BrassCraft 3/8 in. cable drum machine clears pipes such as floor drains, stack-outs and clean outs. Designed to clear 2 in. to 4 in. lines. Foot switch allows for hands free operation. You can depend on BrassCraft to provide the right tool for the job. BrassCraft drain products are designed for the Pro, MRO and experienced DIYer.

    • Music wire cable with reinforced steel inner core
    • 75 ft. cable with 3/8 in. diameter cable
    • Clears clogs 2 in. to 4 in. lines
    • Ideas for use with floor drains, stack-outs and cleanouts
    • 1/3 HP motor with on-off-reverse switch
    • Footswitch allows for hands free operation
    • Comes with 4 piece cutter set with serrated blades on grease cutter and side cutter
    • Large wheels for greater mobility and telescopic handle
    • Drill motor rotates cable to clear clogs quickly
    • For indoor or outdoor use


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