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  • 50ft Fire Hose Cabinet Set with Brass Acessories


    • Aluminum Frame
    • Brass Nipple
    • Angle Valve
    • Fire hose
    • Straight Nozzle BRASS
    • Including Clear glass 3mm

  • Sheffield Military Ammo Can .50 Cal

    About this item
    • BUILT JUST LIKE MILITARY SURPLUS AMMO CANS: These ammunition boxes are built to the same specifications as old .50-Caliber Military Surplus ammo boxes; durable metal box construction, air and water tight, built to withstand the elements
    • AIR TIGHT, WATER TIGHT: A rubber gasket in the lid creates an air and water tight seal when the metal ammo can is locked; with a few packs of desiccant in your box, you can keep your gun ammo safely stored for years to come
    • .50-CALIBER AMMUNITION BOXES: These ammo cans are styled like military surplus storage containers and are designed to hold .50-caliber ammo, either boxed or unboxed, and can also be used to protect ammo, hunting and fishing gear, tools, and more
    • MULTI-USE WATERPROOF STORAGE: This water- and air-tight 50 Cal ammo can also works as a 5.56 ammo box, 380 ammo box, 9mm ammo box, and much more; It’s a versatile ammo storage solution
    • ITEM SPECIFICATIONS: 11.13” (L) x 7.38” (D) x 5.75” (W); Steel; Black matte finish; Compression-fit lid; Air-tight; Designed for .50-caliber ammo


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