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  • Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

    About this item
    • Includes one (1) pan, one (1) adjustable shelf, one (1) plastic ramp with cover & easily maneuverable stand with 4 locking wheel casters
    • Full-width double doors on Critter Nation small animal cage and removable shelf provide maximum accessibility for easy cleaning & feeding
    • Critter nation’s wide expanse shelves & full width leak-proof pans provide maximized play area & prevent dangerous falls
    • Great for Rats, Chinchillas, Daegu’s, Ferrets, Tubing (Corners) 0.6 inches square & 1/2″ horizontal wire spacing allow pets to fulfill their instinct to climb & explore in a secure environment
    • Dimensions: 36″ Length x 24″ Width x 39″ Height

  • VIVOSUN Hydroponic 600 Watt HPS MH Grow Light Wing Reflector Kit 110V

    About this item
    • Wing Reflector: Over 90% high reflectivity aluminum (no hot-spot) ensures soonest flourish of your plants
    • UL Listed 600W Dimmable Ballast: Runs on 120~240V power supply, comes with 8ft 120V power cord, 250w/400w/600w/super lumens optional
    • HPS & MH Grow Light Bulbs: High PAR value (Photo synthetically Active Radiation), Superior quality & optimized spectrum to promote growth
    • 24-Hour Mechanical Timer: 15-minute On/Off, 24 hours settings; 125V, 15A, 60Hz, 1/2HP, 1875W Heavy duty construction; Timer mode can be turned off
    • 1/8″ Rope Hanger (1 Pair): 8-ft long & 150lbs/pair weight capacity, solid braided polypropylene rope & reinforced metal internal gears to ensure top-safety

  • Critter Nation Animal Cage

    – For its massive size, the CN is relatively cheap. I’ve seen some cages in pet stores that are have the size of a DCN, but twice as much!
    – Since the pans are so shallow, it makes using fleece liners super easy. All you have to do is cut the fleece to size and clip it onto the pan (I find small binder clips work the best).
    – This thing is HUGE! As I mentioned above, the SCN can house up to 6 rats and the DCN can house up to 12! Not only does it have so much great floor space for running around and playing with toys, but it also has absolutely amazing height for hanging hammocks, baskets, and other toys.
    – It has powder coated bars, so your rats can pee all over the bars and you won’t have to worry about the bars rusting over.
    – Like I said above, it has huge doors that make cleaning a breeze!
    – It comes on wheels, so you don’t have to worry about trying to drag or carry it all around your house.
    – It has 1/2″ bar spacing, so it is great for female and baby rats too, not just males.
    – It has horizontal bars that make it super easy to hang hammocks and makes it a lot easier for your rats to climb.
    – It has places to attach hammocks and hanging toys below the small shelf, making it possible for you to have a bunch of hammocks a different heights.
    – You can move the smaller shelf around; it’s not locked in place. You can put it on either side of the cage and on both sides there are three different height adjustments.

  • Bamboo Accents Water Fountain Kit

    NOTE: Submersible pump not included.
    About this item
    • BUILD A SERENE SANCTUARY: Create a fountain with a delightful water flow from the large 18” adjustable height design. Raise the arms for rich, vibrant sounds in a garden oasis. Lower the arms for soothing sounds on a balcony or large patio.
    • PERSONALIZE THIS DIY FOUNTAIN: This family-friendly bamboo fountain kit does not include a container, so you have total control of its layout. Add a ceramic pot, pottery bowl, or large planter for your own one-of-a-kind Zen garden accent.
    • SOOTHING SOUNDS, STURDY DESIGN: The spout is handcrafted from sleek, supple Tam Vong bamboo, which is stronger than steel by weight! This means it resists splitting or cracking better than other bamboo. It also absorbs excess noise, leaving only the relaxing sounds you want.
    • ENJOY TRANQUIL TONES IN MINUTES: This bamboo water fountain kit includes a submersible pump, tubing, and bamboo fountain that you can set up in as little as 5 minutes on the edge of a 15” to 30” diameter container. Designed for containers 8” deep, or use a deeper pot with added stones for more resonance.

  • Yardking 4 Stroke Blower

    • Powerful and easy starting 4-stroke engine
    • Lightweight and balanced design
    • High air speed
    • With a powerful 4 stroke engine the Yardking 4-Stroke Blower Vac is perfect for clearing leaves and debris around the house.
    • 24.5 cc engine

  • AgFabric Plant Protecting Bag

    • UV stabilized spun polypropylene fabric
    • Easy safe drawing string at the bottom
    • Reusable and recycle
    • 84 x 96 inch


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