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  • WantJoin Automatic Cup Sealing Machine

    • After placing the cup, the cup sealing machine automatically feeds the cup, automatically rolls the film, automatically seals the cup, automatically ejects, and takes it away directly. The cup sealer machine also has an automatic count, you can check how many cups are sealed each day. Fast cup sealing speed, fully automatic solution to milk tea shop with fewer staff, burst orders, and reject customer loss.
    • High and short cups are available, can seal any height within 18CM. The cup sealing machine is universal for paper and plastic, and only needs to be equipped with special film for paper and plastic. Plastic cups can be sealed with a variety of materials: PE, PP, PC, and 90-95 calibers can be sealed. The cup sealer machine provides a 90-circle. If you need to seal 90 cups, you can put it in to seal.
    • The wet mouth can also be sealed, and the speed of sealing machine can be set manually. If the cup is not sealed at one time, it can be manually patched. Free hot drink slap needle, you can tap a small vent on the hot drink film.
    • Accurately set the temperature, 24 hours a day without interruption, 400-600 cups can be sealed per hour. “Dual mode all-in-one machine” is switched manually and automatically with one key to cope with different passenger flows when using the cup sealing machine.
    • 110V

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  • Household Gas Stove

    • Slim type LPG stove
    • Automatic ignition
    • Stainless top and front
    • Single detachable top burner
    • 280mm x 380mm x 130mm

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  • Wok Non-Sticky Pan 33CM

    • 6-layer honeycomb structure, More durable, even heat conduction
    • Material: medical stone
    • Applicable to: induction cooker, gas stove
    • Size: 50*33*9cm/50*30*9cm
    • Light Weight, Effortless Cooking, Less Oil Needed, Easy Clean-up, Reduce fatintake&Smoke less cooking

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  • MotionSense Handsfree Kitchen Faucet

    SPOT RESISTANT: Spot Resist Stainless finish resists fingerprints and water spots for a cleaner looking kitchen
    • TWO SENSORS: MotionSense delivers exceptional hands-free touchless convenience with double sensors, allowing a simple hand movement to trigger the flow of water
    • RETRACTABLE: Equipped with the Reflex system for smooth operation, easy movement and secure docking of the spray head
    • EASY TO INSTALL: Features Duralock quick connect system for easy installation
    • ADA COMPLIANT: Complies with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications

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  • Edge Square Grill Pan

    • Brand: Edge
    • Model: KW-123
    • Sizzling Plate
    • Material: Cast Iron Plate
    • Durable High Quality Material

  • Oval Sizzling Plate With Wooden Base

    Oval Sizzling Plate With Wooden Base
    • Color: Brown/Black
    • Material: Cast Iron Plate and Wood Base
    • Size; 41×19 cm


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