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    ✼PE Technology – Means that your product is built with you in mind. HPE means Human Performance Ergonomics is our Technology, building hand tools and power tools that allows you to work longer by reducing the stress being placed on your hands considering the position and angle of real life work.
    Built with Best Material – Guaranteed. We will never settle for less than the best. We know how to build machines and we will never use anything lessthan pure copper in manufacturing power tools. This is a confidence that you have in purchasing Vanderbilt Power Tools.
    Engineered in USA- Vanderbilt Tools was founded with the mission to build tools with MORE POWER for everyone, everywhere for use by anyone, anywhere. Our tools are developed for you, tailor made to suit your needs with you as we learn together on how we can improve further and take power tools to the next level.

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    ☞ Berlato Traditional Square Headlight Column Waterproof Outdoor Pillar Light
    Fence European Courtyard Landscape Lighting Fixture Street Community Patio
    Garden Lantern.

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  • Tire Snow Chain

    About this item:
    – Widen and thickened TPU material
    – Upgraded tightener buckle, thicken polypropylene ribbon
    – excellent ice-breaking steel nail design, anti-slip TPU points
    – Easy installation and removal
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    Powerful motor, 600W in power input.

    (Maktec Style Design)
    · Dust proof washer on all ball bearing, for protecting from the grinding dust.

    · Pad brake allows the tool to start sanding without making any mark

    on the workpiece.
    Voltage: 220V/60 hz

    Power: 600 Watts

    Wheel diameter: 100mm (4″)

    No-load speed: 12,000 rpm

    Net Weight: 1.8kg (3.9 lbs.)
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  • Hideki Inverter Welding Machine HWI-300A

    Hideki brand of digital inverter welding machine 300 amperes now with arc force technology and hot start.Use for welding grills, doors, steel plates, Iron tanks, and most metal materials.
    Nice welding beads.
    Perfect for light to medium duty welding application.
    IGBT Type
    Full weld capable
    Circuit breaker type switch installed
    Input Voltage : 220V 60Hz.
    Output range -20A – 300A
    60% duty cycle
    80% efficiency
    Input Frequency (Hz) : 50/60
    Power factor : 0.93
    Insulation Class : F
    Electrode Diameter (mm) : 1.6 – 3.2
    Electrode Type : E-6013 for carbon metal surfaces
    Protection class : IP21


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