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  • MASSEUSE Massage Chair Health Plus 220V AS-IS

    •Reflexology Relief
    •Give your back the best
    •Weightless zero gravity mode

  • Vibration Plate Foot Massage 220V

    •Vibration foot massage machine: with adjustable speed: includes foot massager unit, wireless remote control, silicone pads, easy to read program, time control, different speed/intensity levels. Batteries not included

    •Relaxing and Refreshing Acupressure Foot Massager: The patented acupressure heads are perfectly aligned with the soles of your feet, emitting oscillating vibrations at the right pressure points for a refreshing massage to help recharge and re-energize your legs and feet.

    •A Relaxing Foot Massage: Designed to help soothe tired, achy, tender feelings in your legs, calves, and feet, the Power-Fit Foot Massage Machine is the innovative vibration and acupressure system that can help soothe, rejuvenate and revitalize your legs, feet, and general energy level.

    •Helps Support Circulation – Helps tone muscles, soothe temporary discomforts, reduce stress, re-energize, improve your overall health, and promote relaxation.

    •10 levels of massage: choose the setting you prefer to adjust the intensity of the massage pressure depending on the area: calf massage, leg massage, hamstring massage, quadruple massage, and lower back massage. Ideal for providing relief from Morton’s neuroma.

  • Homedics Shiatsu Flex Ankle and Foot Massager

    •3 massage styles to sooth and rejuvenate feet

    •Adjustable air intensity allows you to enjoy the perfect massage

    •Massage programs by APP allows you to use your Smartphone to operate the massage foot massager and create your own unique

    •2 unique massage modes allow you to customize your massage experience, forward or backward

    •Relaxing heat to increase comfort and relaxation

  • Handcraft Blends Apricot Oil 473ml

    Ingredients: Apricot Oil
    Item Form: Oil
    Brand: Handcraft Blends
    Skin Type: Normal
    Age Range (Description): Adult


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