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  • Deluxe Germ Terminator UV Care

    – Lab-tested, chemical free, and doctor-recommended
    – Perfect for sanitizing computers, keyboards, pillows, furniture, countertops, carpets, mattresses,
    kitchen utensils, upholstery etc.
    – With LCD Display, can set up working time (10 seconds- 30 minutes)
    – Needs only 30 seconds to kill germs and bacteria; 5 minutes to kill and drive away dust mites
    – To use simply press “ON/TIMER” button for 5 seconds, set the desired time, and press “START/STOP”
    button. Then shine light within 1/4 inch of the surface to disinfect for a few seconds. Move the light
    slowly so it illuminates the area for 2-3 seconds before moving the lamp to the next section to
    achieve up to 99.9% disinfection.

  • Regrow Hair Growth Laser Light Device

    -1360 mW’s TOTAL OUTPUT FOR A FAST TREATMENT: Dual operating mode technology for a choice of constant or pulsing laser light wave for 15 minute or 30 minute treatment time. Laser 272 PowerFlex treatments are needed just 3 times week. The battery contains smart technology to monitor the battery level to make sure it does not overcharge. The PowerFlex laser cap conforms to ISO5536-1:2006, the international standard of temperature safety regulations.

    -EXCLUSIVE POWERFLEX DESIGN: The HairMax PowerFlex 272 Cap is Ultra Lightweight and Flexible. It provides a comfortable treatment for most head sizes.

  • ForPro Premium Hot Towel Warmer 110V

    ● Heats to 180 degrees (Fahrenheit) in about thirty minutes, no thermostat needed, and features UV sterilizer to keep towels clean and fresh
    ● Holds 24 facial-sized towels
    ● High-quality on/off button
    ● Well insulated cabinet stays cool when on all day
    ● Can also be used for hot packs, neck warmers, massage stones
    ● UV sterilizer will also sterilize medical masks to help to remove germs and contaminants
    ● Product Dimensions: 14.5 x 7.5 x 10 inches

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    Lea Mandar – 09178307966

  • Hooga Red Light Therapy Device

    ● The HG1000 Red Light Therapy Panel emits two specific wavelengths, 660nm (Red) and 850nm (NIR) in equal proportions to deliver the perfect combination of light therapy. Red light is best for skin treatments, while NIR is best for deep tissue treatments.
    ● Different wavelengths of light are measured in nanometers (nm). Wavelengths in the mid 600 and mid 800 nm range have been found to be particularly beneficial to the human body.
    ● The HG1000 comes equipped with two power switches. The first power switch allows the user to turn on the 100 Red (660nm) emitting LEDS while the second power switch allows for the user to turn on the 100 NIR (850nm) LEDS
    This allows the user to customize their treatment experience and receive either red, near infrared, or both wavelengths. The panel also features a whisper quiet internal fan that dissipates heat and ensures the unit does not overheat.
    ● Weights: 17.7 Pounds
    ● Product Dimensions: 12.2 x 10.08 x 17.32 inches;

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    Lea Mandar – 09178307966

  • NOVA Medical Products Elevated Raised Toilet Seat

    GREAT SOLUTION to aid individuals getting on and off the toilet by raising the toilet seat 5” ; Seat Type (Plastic_ Padded): Plastic
    NO ASSEMBLY OR INSTALLATION – simply place on the toilet seat
    IDEAL FOR TRAVEL – lightweight, very durable and easy to clean
    SPECIFICATIONS: Weight capacity: 300 pounds; Overall dimensions(inches): 17.5”W x 17.25”D x 6.25”H; Inner opening dimensions (inches): 7.5”W x 9.5”D
    SIZING: Fits most Standard and Elongated toilets


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