• Automatic Water Dispenser USB Type

    -High Compatibility: The electric pumping device suitable for pure bottled drinking water, suitable for a variety of models gallon barrel without pry the lid.
    -USB Rechargeable Battery: Built in rechargeable 1800mAh battery. Can used for 30-40 days or around 4-6 bottles of 5 gallon water once full charged. No need to charge every day.
    -Easy to Use: Simply fasten the small pump on the bottle mouth. One switch operation, totally hassle free even for kids and elders.

  • WORX WA4092 Gutter Pro Universal Gutter Cleaning Kit for Blowers

    -Safely clean gutter debris while standing on the ground
    -Up to 11 foot reach and 8 feet of tubes
    -Easily assembled and designed to provide premium airflow
    -Universal fit for most handheld leaf blowers excluding Turbine Fusion Blowers
    -Tubes screw together for desired length and stability
    -Not compatible with Turbine Fusion Blowers

  • Winnowing Tray

    ● 8pcs
    ● Plastic
    ● Dimensions: 40.5 cm Diameter; Thick 1 cm

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    Sold By HMR Antipolo

    Winnowing Tray

  • Easy Home Shower Faucet

    ● Stainless Steel Finish
    ● Round Gooseneck shower arm 40cm

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  • 20 Compartment Glass Rack JW-20 /PC 49x49x10CM

    “• Compartment rack for kitchen

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  • Food Dehydrator

    •Brand: AMBIANO
    •Material: Plastic/Stainless
    •Color: White
    •Wattage: 380 watts
    •Voltage: 220/240 50-60Hz
    • Dries fruits, vegetables, meats (jerky), herbs and other nutritious snacks
    • Includes a digital timer and variable temperature control
    • 29cm Diameter height Adjustable Drying Trays
    • LED Display
    • Safety Overheat Protection
    • Adjustable Timer Settings
    • With 5 BPA Free
    • 5 stackable trays
    • Fan-driven drying retains flavors and nutritional value
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • BPA free trays and lid
    • All Natural. …
    • Healthy and Nutritious. …
    • No Sugars, Additives, or Preservatives. …
    • Antioxidants and Fiber. …
    • Perfect for Plant-based Diets. …
    • Low Risk of Bacteria and Contamination. …
    • Eating Less Portions. …
    • Reduces Waste.
    • What’s Food Dehydration?
    • Food dehydration involves removing water and moisture from vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish through the use of a dehydrator, an oven, or through sun-drying. This helps prevent microorganisms like yeast, mold, and bacteria from growing and preserves food for future use while keeping nutrients intact.
    • The practice of dehydrating food has been going on since the prehistoric times, where people dried seeds under the sun for later consumption. There’s evidence that even back in 12,000 B.C., the Middle East and oriental civilizations already sun-dried their food. Indians sun-dried sliced meat, the Japanese dried their fish and rice, and the Chinese sun-dried eggs.
    • Given today’s focus on fast food though, people have either become too trusting towards food companies or too busy with their own affairs to think about what additives and preservatives are put in their burgers, what their French fries are made of, how is their food prepared, etc.

  • ZEN Round 9″ Bowl


    • SIZE
    223mm(D) x 69mm(H)


  • ZEN Oval Coupe Plate 8″

    • Fine Porcelain
    • Microwave and Dishwasher safe
    • 8″ oval
    • Available in Bulk order

    Sold By HMR Pioneer

    ZEN Oval Coupe Plate 8″

  • Round Platter Bamboo 2 Sec /PC 10 Inches WL-771043/A Wilmax

    ” Wilmax Bamboo is Eco-friendly, durable, sustainable, versatile and simply beautiful. Our bamboo grows in the National Ecological Area with hundreds of kilometers unpolluted high mountain area makes bamboo a safe material for daily use.
    • Unique nature of bamboo makes it easy to carve, curve and mold and gives us unlimited possibilities to make tableware that suits your every need. Our bamboo tableware can be used in many ways, in the restaurant, for catering business, in the home or hotels. You and your guests will love modern, stylish, and elegant Wilmax bamboo line. Natural wood bamboo color allows for a perfect presentation.
    • Wilmax Two section Round platters are meant to be used with or without a smaller Porcelain or Thermo glass dish in the insert. Wilmax Porcelain dishes work very well in these opening but can also be used without any insert at all. Serve you Chips and Guacamole or Shrimp with Sauce. Use this Sectional Platter to present your marvelous creation table side or wow your customers, friends and family while carrying this oversized tray to the table.
    • Safe in commercial or residential use. Wilmax product is always LEAD-FREE &NON-TOXIC and goes through numerous US and international testing to make sure it adheres to the highest levels of safety. We recommend treating your Bamboo boards with regularly with Food Grade mineral oil and use approved Wilmax Bamboo Cleaner or any other non-corrosive cleaner.”

  • Beverage Tong S/S 12 PCS 18CM DELTA

    “• Multi-purpose mini tongs: these mini tongs are suitable for sugar cube, ice cube, lemon slice, jelly, cookie, marshmallows, shredded cheese, grated carrots, crescent rolls, , soft cheese or pickle slices, etc.
    • Dishwasher safe: the ice tong is easy to clean and handle, can be washed by dishwasher, hand washing is recommended, simple appearance with no redundant annoying decoration
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  • Mezzaluna Ls – KT134/ Life Style

    “• A kitchen warrior like you needs the best tools for her kitchen arsenal. With the Lifestyle Stainless Kitchen Tools, you can take on every culinary challenges with ease.
    • Stainless Steel

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  • Folding Pan Non-Stick 24CM KW-134

    “• Feature: Non-stick
    • Size: 10-13cm
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  • Stainless Steel Skimmer J31161

    Stainless Steel Skimmer 5″

  • Wilmax 11.5″ Triangular Dish 29cm

    •Food Safe

    •Microwave Safe

    •Dishwasher Safe

    •Oven Safe

    – available in bulk order

  • Branded Bakeware 6-Cup Non-Stick Cakelette Pan Groovy Girl

    • Size: 27 x 35 x 5.5cm
    • Design: Groovy Girl”

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  • Mesh Strainer 33CM J30523

    Mesh Strainer 33CM With Flat Handle

  • Disposable Cone Water Cups

    ● 4.25oz/125ml
    ● 1000 pcs.

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  • WILMAX Fine Porcelain Deep Plate

    -Capacity: 750mL
    -Made of High Quality Porcelain
    -Microwave Oven and Dishwasher Safe
    -Impact Resistance
    -Chip Resistant
    -Health Safe
    -Oven Proof to 300 C
    -Available in bulk (You may contact this no. 09555564316 for more inquiries)

  • Lift Top Wooden Desk

    ● With Scratches
    ● Dimensions: 120 x 48 x 90 cm

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  • Branded Bakeware 6-Cup Non-Stick Cakelette Pan Stacked Circle

    • Size: 34.3 x 26.7 x 4.5cm
    • Design: Stacked Circle”

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