• Via Uomo Men’s Polo Shirt

    • Size: 52

    • Material: 100% Cotton

    • With Extra Button

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  • Dr. Prepare Electric Heated Vest

    • Brand : Dr. Prepare
    • Colour : Black
    • For a combination of functional comfort and colorful style, reach for the Sleeveless Quilted Heated Vest from Dr. Prepare. This unisex electric vest features a quilted design for comfort and timeless style.
    • Built in with quality carbon fiber heat elements and 3 heating levels to generate consistent heat for 6 core body parts, including your neck, back, abdomen, and waist, helping to maintain body warmth, promote blood circulation, and relieve pain as well as tension in muscles.
    • Uniquely powered by a portable charger to keep warmth in and stand up against elements. With a 10000mAh portable charger (not included), this heated vest is capable of retaining warmth up to 7 hours at Low Level, 5 hours at Medium Level, and 3 hours at High Level.
    • Newly introduces 4 zippers on each side of the vest to adjust the overall size of the heated apparel for various body types. Try different zipper combinations and find your snug fit to keep you comfortable.
    • Featuring lightweight design and fine interior lining for unrestricted coziness in fall and winter. With a zipper on the front, you can layer this unisex heated vest over varieties of tops to add a touch of style for refined looks.

  • Cordless Heated Jacket CJ105DZXL

    • Cordless Heated Jacket
    • X-Large
    • Model: CJ105DZXL
    • Brand: Makita
    • 12 Volts Max
    • Lithium-ion
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