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• Simple operation, strong power, Auto ignition. Long range, droplet uniform and meticulous, can spray smoke and spray mist!

• Fuel saving, strong power, longer range, the spraying effect is better.

• The design of automatic ignition, start more simple

• The precision throttle control system, more stable performance.

• The efficient smoke tube (standard parts), smoke amount big, strong penetrating power, diffuse effect is good, efficient drug.

• The atomizing pipe (optional parts), spraying water mist can produce more delicate and fine droplet.

• The solution tank, fuel tank use 1 mm thick quality 304 stainless steel plate be make, durable, corrosion resistance;

• The light alloy protective net, compact structure and beautiful; Compliance with international safety standards;

• It can spray smoke, and can spray mist, a multi-purpose machine;

• The enhanced heat combustion chamber, spray efficiency than similar high 10~ 20%,

• Easy detachable structure, convenient maintenance and repair, no tools can easily repair machines.

• Technical parameters:

• Size: 1345*280*330 (mm)

• Packing size: 1200*320*350 (mm)

• Fuel consumption: 1.6-2.0 liter /h

• The spraying dosage: 5-60 liter /h

• Maximum power: ≥ 19KW

• Ignition mode: Automatic ignition

• Safety net: Full protection

• Spray smoke fog range: 15-30m

• Water spray mist range: 8-12m

• The fog particle diameter: The fog particle diameter less than 30 microns

• Solution tank capacity: 6.0 liter

• Solution tank pressure: 0.3-0.4bar

• Fuel tank capacity: 1.8 liter

• Fuel tank pressure: 0.12 – 0.15bar

• Start power supply: 3V 2PCS 1# dry battery

• The use of fuel: 93# above pure gasoline

• Application carrier: 0 # diesel or white oil

• Application of pharmacy: Oily, water-based agent or wet table powder

• Net weight: 7.5Kg

• Gross weight: 12.5 Kg

• Thermal Fogger Machine

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