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🥬 Seeutek fermentation crock is a traditional way of fermenting vegetarian food. A fermentation jar is a good way to create your own fermented vegetables, including pickles, kimchi and more. Rich in vitamins.

🥬 0.5 gallon pickling crock suitable for retain any season’s vegetables – Retain fresh vegetables during that season can enjoy the taste all year round. Using fermented pot to keep your vegetables just a little salt water as fermented liquids. It can be retain for many years.

🥬 High-grade ceramic material, fermenting crock surface and interior finished with a lead and cadmium-free glaze. Ensure to pickles are delicious and rest assured to use.

🥬 Easy to wash – Smooth glazed fermenter surface and the jar mouth is reasonably designed. Hands can be directly inserted and washing is convenient.

🥬 Water sealed jar’s cover is designed to allow the fermentation gas to escape, avoid oxidation and bad odor while maintaining air circulation. Weighting stones and pickle Tamper immerse your vegetables under salt water or fermented liquids. It will reach to a better fermentation result.

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    SEEUTEK DIY Fermentation Crock .5GAL -BB