Punching Bag Kids ROVTOP As-Is


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> As-Is Without rubber suction cups
> Included 1 Pair Gloves
> Sturdy and Thick: The spring provides consistent performance for years to come for its thicker wire and larger coil diameter. An upgraded tube enhances stability with a bigger size and thicker wall.
> Adjustable Height: The height of the punching ball holder can be adjusted from 41 inches to 53 inches, so it’s suitable for kids ages 4-12(height from 43” to 63”). And it can adjust to kids’ height as they grow a bit taller, giving the best company for the child’s growth. Rovtop punching ball will help your kids to build strong bones and ligaments, increased cardiovascular fitness, improved hand-eye coordination, release energy, vent out negative emotion and boost confidence and self-esteem.

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    Weight 2.05 kg
    Dimensions 30 × 30 × 123 cm

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    Punching Bag Kids ROVTOP As-Is


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