Pig Water Mat

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“• HIGHLY ABSORBENT WATER MAT PADS; PERFECT FOR BASEMENTS AND GARAGES for cleaning up floors from water leaks and spills
• ABSORBS, CONTAINS AND COMBATS WATER caused by rain or flooding; the solution to water on garage and basement floors
• NEW/UPDATED – WRINGABLE AND REUSABLE FOR A SINGLE WATER CLEANUP NEW Wringable mats mean less hassle less waste and more savings
• NEW/UPDATED – DESIGNED AND ENGINEERED TO PULL IN LARGE VOLUMES OF WATER ON CONTACT NEW Superfast wicking helps you quickly soak up water pools and water puddles
• GREAT FOR WORKSHOPS, AUTOSHOPS AND MAINTENANCE SHOPS when doing small jobs; simply put down prior to starting and keep floors protected and dry, saving you time when cleaning up
• EACH SUPER ABSORBENT WATER PAD goes a long way; keep a secret stash just for the workshop
• HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION is ideal for your everyday tasks and clean-ups

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    99.50199.00 (-50%)