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Product Information
• Model:OWGELS ZY-603 oxygen concentrator
• Certification:ISO13485
• Net Weight:9.8kg
• Dimension: 34 x 34 x 57
• Brand Name: OWGELS
• Trademark: OWGELS

• OWGELS oxygen concentrator adopts pressure swing adsorption (PSA) physical technology to produce oxygen thus is safe and economical to use.


• PSA (Press Swing Adsorption) Methodology to Deliver Oxygen without any Consumables but Electrical Power

• Delivers a 93%+/-3% Purity Oxygen at the Flow of 3 LPM (liters per minute)

• Highly Protected from Overheat of the Compressor with Two Efficient Fans

• Enabled to Alarm in case of Power Outage, Low Concentration, Unsmooth Flow and Filter Replacement

• Supreme Appearance, Delivering a Feeling of Combination of Looking Robust and Elegant

• Light, with Integrated Handle, Easy to Move and User Friendly

• Large LCD, Caring for Visual Impaired Patients


• Weight:9.8kg

• Size:34 x 34 x 57 cm

• Power Consumption:250W

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    Weight 15 kg
    Dimensions 36 × 36 × 60 cm

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    OWGELS Oxygen Concentrator