OPPUM Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket


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• . Triangular Structure and Comfortable Wooden Handle Double Shock Absorption: This tennis racket uses a triangular-shaped frame to absorb shock. The combination of the handle and the face is a triangle that has a firm effect and absorbs bad vibrations, making the batting more comfortable. It also comes with a wooden handle t, plus a shock-absorbing hand glue. It can double filter bad vibration and improve the comfort of the handle grip. Let you switch the racquet angle more freely.
• Independent Hole Position, Double Hole Technology Threading: Each threading hole on the racket adopts independent rubber hole position and is threaded by double hole technology, which not only has beautiful appearance, but also makes the racket more stable and durable. This independent small hole threading not only can better protect the ball line, extend the life of the racket, but also maximize the elastic effect when you hit the ball, giving you a good sports experience.

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    Dimensions 35 × 8 × 65 cm

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    OPPUM Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket


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