Make Block Toys Ultimate 2.0 10 in 1 Robot Kit


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• Ultimate is a 10-in-1 robot kit: Robotic Arm Tank, Robotic Bartender, 3D Capture, Robotic Arm Tank, Robotic Bartende, 3D Capture, Self-Balancing Robot, Robotic Ant, Rolling Tank, Detecting Robot, 3D Capture, etc.
• Powerful Mainboard – MegaPi: MegaPi is small but powerful mainboard based on Arduino MEGA 2560. It has six function area, which can be connected with modules to realize wireless communication or drive various motors. MegaPi is capable of driving 10 servos or 8 DC motors simultaneously. It can be used to build various robots, such as 3D printer and other robotic projects. Great for learning robotics, electronics, graphical programming, Arduino programming and Python programming;
• Anodized 6061 aluminum mechanical parts with threaded-slot design brings an easy way of building the robot
• Code it from all platform, the mBlock Blockly App (iOS/Android) is a great place to train the logical thinking for new coders. The advanced mBlock software (Windows/MacOS/Linux/Chrome) is one of the most popular entry-level coding platform with more than 450,000+ users that helps you to bring your creativity into reality.
• Wirelessly control your robot with smart devices through Bluetooth connection. Battery Requirements: 6 pcs AA batteries for Ultimate. Batteries are not included.

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    Make Block Toys Ultimate 2.0 10 in 1 Robot Kit


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