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• Brand: LitMavin
• Model: DMX-192
• ENTRY-LEVEL LIGHTING CONTROLLER: Compared with professional-level lighting controllers, LitMavin lighting controller is easier to operate, with only simple lighting mode change control and mode custom editing, suitable for lighting enthusiasts who are just getting started.
• 12 SCANNERS 16 CHANNELS: 192 DMX channels, 12 Scanners of 16 channels each. The LitMavin lighting console is equipped with 12 light control channels, which can not only control 24 stage lights with 8 modes, 12 stage lights with 16 modes to change the light mode, but also each can be controlled individually. It can only control the change of the light mode simply. It cannot control the gradually brightening or darkening of the light.
• 8 PROGRAMMABLE SCENES: LitMavin stage light controller has 8 buttons for programmable scenes. You can switch according to the mode set by the stage light, or use the LitMavin lighting console to edit the program, and edit your favorite light color, frequency of change, and order of change into a temporary mode for your party , Stage, wedding, etc. add a different color atmosphere.
• COMPATIBILITY: The LitMavin lighting console is suitable for all stage lights with 3-core DMX cables, and has a built-in microphone to quickly control the switching of small stage lights, which is very suitable for home parties, small parties, bars, clubs and other places.
• 220V

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    LitMavin Light Controller DMX-192


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