Gorilla Grip Area Rug 7.5 x 10ft


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• THE SOFTEST RUG YOU’LL EVER OWN! The Gorilla Grip Area Rug is incredibly soft and features a top layer of thick, shaggy material that is ultra-plush. Its cozy faux chinchilla fabric adds warmth and softness to any room of your home. It’s also a great option for back-to-college and adds some warm décor to any dorm or apartment. This area rug will not disappoint and is sure to be the softest rug you’ve ever owned – you’ll have to feel it to believe it!

• DURABLE BUT COMFORTABLE: Have peace of mind knowing that even in high-trafficked areas of your home, your Gorilla Grip Area Rug was designed to last for years to come! Tiny, durable grip dots on the underside of the Gorilla Grip Area Rug are designed to hold up, even with kids and pets. Plus, it helps to soothe achy muscles and tired feet! The middle foam layer of the rug adds extra cushion under your feet and will redefine your definition of comfort!

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    Gorilla Grip Area Rug 7.5 x 10ft


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