EASY BABY Retractable Safety Gate 55″


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• Indoor and Outdoor: Can be installed at top and bottom of stairways, doorways, hallways, indoor and outdoor use. includes components for easy installation: stainless steel screws, catch mounts, wall spacers and installation guide templates. must be fitted between rigid surfaces such as plasterboard, timber or hardwall. This retractable gate is hardware mounted gate, Drill a 3mm pilot hole for timber surface and for hardwall drill a 6mm hole for installation.
• Product Size: This Retractable Gate Fits openings up to 55″” wide and is 33″” tall. can be adjusted to fit your openings according to your needs. Mesh can be completely retracted away when not in use.
• One Handed Operation to Open and Close: Push and turn clockwise to unlock gate, grasp handle to pull and hook handle onto catches, push and turn counter-clockwise to lock gate.
• Fits Your Purpose: Perfect solution for doorways and stairs locking the way for babies and pets needed to provide safety and security in the whole house. The stair gates is used for children and pets blocking off their way out or in.

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    EASY BABY Retractable Safety Gate 55"