Delta 2 Solid Door Vertical Freezer ERD12

PHP Php 74,999.00

Php 74,999.00

The Delta ERD12 is our most affordable double solid door vertical freezer. It has a top mounted refrigeration system with R404A refrigerant which is CFC Free.


The entire structure has been constructed from complete high grade AISI 304 stainless steel with an insulation thickness of 60mm. The doors are self closing and comes with a standard lock. The magnetic gasket of the door can be replaced without tools.

The freezer is mounted on 4 heavy-duty castors so it can be easily relocated and the front 2 are lockable to keep them in position. The height of the feet is also adjustable.

It is fitted with 4 shelves per door – gastronorm 650 x 530. Other features include:

  • ventilated cooling with built-in evaporator
  • automatic defrost and automatic evaporation of condensate
  • hot pipe along the door to eliminate the condensate
  • electronic thermostat with a temperature range of -18°C to -25°C.

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