BRIM 8-Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker 110v


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• Convenient
Pour over coffee flavour with the convenience of an automatic machine

• Constant Temperature
Perfect constant brew temperature 197.6°F to 204.8°F for ultimate extraction

• Uncompromised Taste
Ideal Keep Warm temperature – 176°F – does not compromise the taste

• Shower Head
Pour Over Shower head for even coffee bed saturation and turbulence resulting in a smooth & delicious flavour

• Laser Etched Filter
Laser etched permanent filter with 66g capacity designed to allow for the optimal water to coffee ratio.

• Ideal Contact Time
Ideal water to coffee ground contact time between 4 and 8 minutes

• Brew Pulse
Brew pulse for full blooming

• Auto Shut Off
Carefree 30 minute Auto shut off

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    BRIM 8-Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker 110v