HMR Gift Idea List for Mother’s Day

There is that one woman in our lives who gives so much of herself, her time, and her efforts and that is MOM. When special occasions come around like Mother’s Day, birthdays, and Christmas, most of us are stumped on what to get her – seems like there’s no gift that can match what she has given us (not that she’s looking for that). We can always show our appreciation and how much we value her by pampering and helping her out. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, here is a list of gift ideas that would make Mom’s heart skip a beat.

Pampering Mom

These are presents just for her. It’s her special day. Why not give her something that she will personally use and enjoy?

1. Gadgets and Electronics

Who says only the young ones are tech-savvy? Moms are also interested in the latest and greatest in technology and there is a multitude of choices. Cellphones and tablets are the easy options. If Mom already has these, accessories such as headphones or earphones, power banks, portable speakers, and wireless chargers are an awesome gift. UV sterilizer boxes are practical options especially in these times. Moms also love to keep memories alive, so a camera is a great pick. For the more introvert mom, audiobooks are an amazing choice. There are just so many gadgets and electronics to choose from, you can be sure Mom would fancy anything you’d select.

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2. Fashion

Yes! Your mom is a woman, no matter how much you deny it and as a woman, any fashion-related gift will be enthusiastically received. Fashion is all about identity. It’s the first thing people see to get an idea of who Mom is and shows a glimpse of her personality. Style has become one of the basic ways in which Mom can express her personality and in which she distinguishes herself from others. Mom would sure love to get clothes, shoes, bags, belts, or accessories like watches and jewelry. She will always be partial to looking good and any fashion item will naturally boost her confidence and make her feel amazing.

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3. Cosmetics

Looking and feeling good doesn’t end with Mom’s clothes and shoes. Moms would even look AND feel better when they have great skin and when they’re wearing a bit of makeup. A beautiful complexion makes Mom more confident in everything that she does, so skincare products are a wise choice. Aside from enhancing Mom’s already-lovely features, makeup also protects skin, may give her better complexion, will make her picture-perfect for those selfies and groufies, and most of all add a little bit of fun in her day. You’ll never go wrong with cosmetics, just make sure it’s for your mom’s skin type and that it complements her skin tone.

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4. Hair Dryer

For Mom to complete her look, an excellent hair dryer is a must. A hair dryer saves time compared to air drying or towel drying. It makes styling easier. Most hair dryer models come with attachments that can give Mom the look that she wants for the day. There’s less frizz and volumizes hair. It simply makes Mom’s hair look better. When Mom looks better, she definitely feels better and it shows.

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Easing Mom’s Chores

Mothers never stop taking care of their homes and families. Mom will always be grateful for stuff that will make work easier.

1. Air Fryer

Moms always prepare the best meals for their families and they make sure that their loved ones eat healthy and nutritious food. An air fryer works by circulating hot air around a food item to create the same crispiness as in traditional fried foods but with much less oil, making it a healthier alternative than deep frying. It is safer for Mom than a traditional deep fryer since there is no risk of spilling, splashing, or accidentally touching hot oil. It also cuts down on cooking time giving Mom more me time.

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2. Bakeware

Mom’s baking sessions can be more fun and creative if she has all the baking tools she needs. It can range from the basic tools like measuring cups, spoons, sieves, whisks to rolling pins, pans, and cookie sheets. If Mom is an intermediate or expert baker, she would need bakeware like cookie presses, fondant ribbon cutters, non-stick cakelette or moulded cooking pans, icing tips.

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3. Vacuum Cleaner

Most moms are clean freaks – again, one of their ways to make sure that their families are healthy. What better way to help her than to gift her with a vacuum cleaner? A vacuum cleaner is easy to use and it lessens lower back pain that may come from continuously using a traditional broom. Most models now come as for dry AND wet use, giving Mom the ability to easily clean most kinds of dirt. To make it even easier for MOM, the ILIFE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner makes for an awesome gift.

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4. Hand Towel

Moms can never have enough hand towels especially in the kitchen. We can be sure that Mom would have different sets of towels for different purposes: for hand drying (different ones for the kitchen and the bathroom), for drying kitchen utensils, for the ref door and so on, so hand towels are a practical gift.

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5. Glass Food Container

Just like hand towels, Mom can never have enough food containers especially glass. Unlike plastic, storing food in glass containers won’t leave strong odors and oily substance. If you have a baby in the family, it’s also perfect for storing baby food.

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