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Your one-stop shop for office, household and industrial merchandise imported straight from leading retail outlets in Australia, Europe, and the US.

The Surplus Superstore Where You Can Buy Anything & Everything.

Your go-to for affordably-priced imported and local goods ranging from office/household furniture, appliances, sporting goods, apparel, gadgets, computers, audio/video, industrial tools, pant equipment & machinery and a lot more. Each of our stores carry a wide array of novelty items and a team of qualified Sales & Technical Consultants that can assist and offer you their technical expertise.


HMR through its efficient back of house warehousing and refurbishing operations ensures that all products sold at our stores is in good working condition. Products selected are unique to the Philippine market ensuring quality at affordable prices.


We give you what no other trader can – assurance on quality, the widest variety of merchandise, and the lowest bargains available.

We bring value-for-money surplus solutions to individuals, families, and enterprises on a budget, in the form of surplus equipment or furniture that allow them to enjoy the functions and benefits they need at a fraction of normal retail cost.


Pioneer corner Reliance Streets, Mandaluyong City


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