HMR Trading Haus Pampanga Grand opening

April 01, 2017

HMR Trading Haus Opens Its Doors in Pampanga

Pampanga welcomes its newest and most diverse surplus shop of branded items.

Last March 18, HMR Trading Haus added another store to their family when they opened their newest branch in Mabalacat, Pampanga. The event was attended by the store’s various officers and staff and a few members of the media were invited as well to take the first glimpse at HMR’s newest branch.

Surplus Redefined

surplus store Pampanga

Kapampangans enjoy the newest HMR Trading Haus that opened last March 18.

HMR Trading Haus is not the first HMR brand to hit Pampanga. One HMR Auction Store has been operating in Pampanga for 10 years now and, with its success, the HMR team decided to open an HMR Trading Haus branch in the area.
HMR Trading Haus is one of the top retailers/ traders/ auctioneers in the country that offer various products from kitchenware, apparels, and even outdoor appliances that are sourced from local and international stores.
These items are excess, overproductions, or shelf pulls from HMR’s partner brands across the globe. HMR brings them to the Philippines and sells them in affordable bargain prices. HMR aims to give their customers imported and high quality items minus the high price tag.
HMR also makes sure that the products inside their stores are in good working condition by having them undergo meticulous quality control before being deployed and sold to customers. They have a central warehouse in Sucat, Parañaque where each item goes through their Quality Assurance Process.

Haven for Bargain Hunters

surplus store Pampanga

HMR is a true haven for bargain hunters!

Whoever you are and whatever you do, once you decide to step in HMR’s store, be prepared to spend a couple of hours because you’ll be amazed with their wide selection.
Their newest store in Pampanga is over 1,800 square meters of space field with a variety of products enough to keep you busy for hours. The store has eight sections to cater to everyone’s need. Their products are set up in an open space area so customers can easily browse through their various sections.
Most of the floor area is where you can find the kitchenware, furniture, sporting goods, industrial items, toys, and apparel. Their high value items like gadgets and laptops have a separate secured area while their wholesale are situated at the back.
HMR also prides itself as a “one-stop shop”, where you can literally find anything that you need for your home. If you are curious as to what they are offering at their newest store in Pampanga, browse on.

For the Kitchen and Living Rooms

surplus store Pampanga

Pots and pans are abundant at HMR!

surplus store Pampanga

Give your home a little twist and some accent pieces like this lounge chair.

In any shopping experience, mothers always know best, and any mother will be excited once they step inside HMR. Various kitchen wares are sold in the store from the most common, like cooking utensils perfect for non-stick pans, to more high-priced items like microwaves and refrigerators. There are also unique kitchen items in HMR like the Oval Silicone Food Steamer, perfect for reheating your food or for dim sums that only need a quick steam.
Home is where the heart is, and if you want to beautify your abode or you have a young family who’s starting out in their new home, HMR has an array of home appliances that will wow you. From the usual couch and living room sets, they also have accent pieces like the lounge chair pictured above to give your home a twist. HMR also has a selection of bedroom and dining room sets that you can choose from.

For the Kids

surplus store Pampanga

Give your baby her own comfy couch like this Sofa Flip Out Kids (PhP999).

Another amazing thing with HMR is their selection of toys. Some of them are very functional, like the Sofa Flip Out Kids pictured above, perfect for toddlers. Their range of toys stretches from items that can be used by infants to those good for elementary students because they are fun and educational.
Even if you are not a kid, but you are a toy collector, HMR can excite you with some treasure finds like their Death Trooper Voice Changer Mask, a perfect addition to someone’s Star Wars franchise collection.

For the Wardrobe

surplus store Pampanga

Going somewhere cold? Bring this winter jacket with you (PhP799)!

Aside from toys and appliances, a great shopping experience wouldn’t be complete without checking out the apparels. A variety of garments can also be found inside HMR. They have the casual outfits like jeans and shirts, and formal wears like long sleeve polo and a nice coat.
Active wears are also available inside the store and seasonal clothing can also be found! Jackets, knitted wears, and the like are also available inside HMR, so you can buy one anytime if you have an upcoming trip to somewhere cold.

More Unique Items

surplus store Pampanga

Give your pet some love with this bed pet lounge (PhP699).

Last but not the least if you think you’ve seen it all, HMR also has some items for your pets. If you are an animal lover, you can take home some cool items that your dogs and cats will enjoy like this cute bed pet lounge and scratching post.
Aside from these gems, other items that can be found inside HMR include industrial equipment and power tools like generators and grass cutters; electronic appliances like television sets, speakers, and even printers; and other items for your home like lamps, cabinets, and consoles.
HMR also adds new items two to three times a week so expect to see brand new items every time you visit.

Staff in Action

surplus store Pampanga

The technical team at work at HMR’s site in Pampanga

Being a superstore of amazing retail finds, you might be overwhelmed by HMR’s sections and selections. But don’t worry, because their superb staffs are ready and willing to help you. Their branch in Pampanga houses over 60 staff members that will assist you with your inquiries.
Some of the items sold in HMR are not yet known or just newly introduced in the country. If you don’t know how to use one particular item that tickles your fancy, just ask one of the staff and they’ll demonstrate it for you. Looking for a specific item? They’ll guide you as well.
HMR also has an in-house Testing Area and technical team. You can check the item you are planning to buy and bring it to the Testing Area so the staff can assist you to see if it’s functioning. They also offer repair service for any item you have bought as long as it’s still under the product’s warranty. You can also bring gadgets that you didn’t buy from HMR and they’ll be happy to repair it for you with a minimal fee.

Beyond Retail

Aside from catering the usual shoppers, HMR also goes beyond retailing by providing services to those who want to buy in bulk. HMR offers services for business owners who need wholesale items like kitchen wares for restaurateurs or sets of lounge chairs for hotel and resort owners.
If you are looking for a particular brand or design, just give HMR your requirements and they’ll coordinate with their partner brands to provide with you with the best items. Talk to one of the staff of HMR and they’ll be happy to provide information of their services of wholesale items for you.

Unique Finds Under One Roof

If you are a true-blue bargain hunter, HMR will wow you with their wide range of selections. Aside from the usual finds you see in other stores, HMR also prides itself in offering hard-to-find and unique products that you only see abroad or on television!
As HMR’s Marketing Head Sharlene Powell puts it, this is why HMR is worth a visit:

“Customer should look forward to a place of discovery. We have very unique items at very affordable prices. Customers will definitely find something that will interest them for purchase whether it be for personal use, for their business, or for reselling. We ensure that our prices are 20% to 50% less than market price so we guarantee a good deal for customers.”

Visit HMR Trading House from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM along MacArthur Highway, Camachiles, Mabalacat, Pampanga and see for yourself the amazing products that they offer.
Prices may change without prior notice.

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